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Proceeds From WearIt. Support The DayBeacon

The DayBeacon project is currently under development. It will use interactive technology in order to help ease the process by which students communicate their needs to teachers and gather data to help manage invisible and chronic conditions more effectively. Not only does this provide more clarity, it also helps them learn to navigate their days, communicate their needs and advocate for themselves which are all important skills for anyone with an invisible illness.


Attention Zebras!

WearIt. has a new project for our incredible rare, chronic, and invisible community. It's a chance for you to showcase your confidence, artistic skills, unique style, and even sprinkle in some humor by submitting a design to WearIt.

And guess what? You can proudly show off your stripes and your t-shirt on your own social media pages too. Plus, WearIt. will feature you and your design on our website and social media platforms.

Ready to join the fun?

Shoot us a message titled "Style My Stripes" to get started.

A huge thank you to Emma for designing our first "Style My Stripes!"


Emma is a fashion and lifestyle creator on Instagram and YouTube. But it's not just about the fashion, she also shares her journey living with POTs, suspected Hypermoblie Elhers Danlos Syndrome, and being autistic. When she's not creating content, you'll often find her swimming, walking her adorable dog, and capturing beautiful photos!

Follow Emma:

Instagram @emma.newbound

YouTube @chronically.em

We love the design.

Thank you, Emma!

Embrace It. Own It. WearIt.

Our vision is to help everyone recognize that these stripes that make us different, that make us special, that challenge us, aren’t just obstacles to be overcome or camouflaged. They shape our lives and make us—all of us—who we are. With Wear It, we hope to help you embrace your stripes, and help others embrace theirs, too.

Proceeds Support The DayBeacon Project

an innovative tool designed to help students with invisible disabilities communicate more effectively in the classroom

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More Than Awareness Apparel

The core mission behind WearIt. is to help people find confidence through their rare, chronic and invisible illnesses.

But, it's not just about creating awareness through clothing--we want to address many of the daily challenges that come with having these conditions.

The DayBeacon is an app based project that will help students and teachers communicate more effectively in the classroom and proactively address many of those daily challenges.